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eBook Englisch - Restaurant-Service Skills-TRAININGBOOK

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In this Skills-TRAINING BOOK, important working techniques and helpful information, for the restaurant service, are described comprehensively and are featured with photos. The included online video training with more than 40 videos visualizes various working techniques. This Skills-TRAINING BOOK contains valuable experience of a WorldSkills World Champion, national and international experts, examination experts and instructors. It is a book for the normal working day in the restaurant business and an ideal preparation tool for competitions and examinations. Various point of views and techniques described in this book combine international standards and accepted guidelines for associations.


The following topics are to be found in this Skills-TRAINING BOOK:


  • Service forms und service methods
  • Arranging- and working equipment
  • Basic service rules
  • Mise en place and napkin forms
  • Laying tables and various covers
  • Preparation and portioning of cold dishes
  • Filleting and cutting of fruit
  • Filleting and cutting of fish
  • Carving and cutting of poultry- and meat dishes
  • Preparation and flambéing of various dishes
  • Preparing coffee beverages „Barista“
  • Preparing bar beverages and cocktail recipes
  • Technical terms
  • Recipes



According to WorldSkills Competitions, Profession 35, Restaurant-Service SKILLS-TRAINING BOOK is recognized as an authoritative book of reference.