1-fach Getränke

1-fach Getränke

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in theory and practice incl. additional digital package
Edition for Germany

220 pages, A4, cardboard, paperback, 4 colours


What do you understand by the term "terroir"? Which task should a well-structured wine list fulfil? Which main grape varieties are cultivated in Rheinhessen? ... With the help of our book "Die Jungsommeliers" these and other questions are no problem for prospective wine professionals.

In this book, "learning by doing" is the order of the day: the times when content should be conveyed by endless texts are over. In this modern textbook, students are encouraged to really get to grips with the different drinks through numerous tastings, according to the motto "Knowledge is good, trying is better".


All important steps in the service of white wine, red wine and sparkling wine are documented with photos and thus easily comprehensible.