Barkeeper (volume 4)

Barkeeper (volume 4)

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01. edition 2019
222 pages four-coloured
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"There's no reason to have a drink, but there's always an occasion."

Enjoy. Feel good. Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life together with friends. There are many reasons to visit a bar. Whether high above the roofs or hidden in the cellar, elegantly cool or casually cuddly, classic or trendy - there is a bar waiting for every guest for which his heart beats faster.

Cocktail bars have been experiencing a renaissance for some years now thanks to a new generation of barkeepers. The bar scene is constantly growing, lively and extremely innovative. Great importance is attached to craftsmanship, style and creativity.

The atmosphere of a business is not only shaped by the furnishings and the drinks on offer, but above all by the bar staff. Pampering and caring for guests, reading their wishes from their eyes, showing a good mood even on bad days, living seriousness and authority paired with cordiality, great expertise and general knowledge - the demands on bar staff are high.

In this book you will learn everything about the field of activity of a bartender and hopefully get "infected" by barfever as well as the authors of this book.